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A Fee-Based Financial Advisor. While you're here we hope that you will have time to check out the company and market information we have provided to help acquaint you with our Strategies For Investing™. We encourage you to use the Contact Us section to send us your questions or comments or to request additional information.

What distinguishes our program is its personal emphasis. It is built around you, your goals, your time frame and your tolerance for risk. As your needs change, our ongoing management (process) ensures that your investment portfolio evolves with you. At Richard A. Norkun & Associates, LLC, we devote a significant amount of time, knowledge and resources to establish long-term relationships with individual and small business clients who demand a different investment approach that elevates their portfolio beyond one-dimensional product strategies and “hot-tip” investment products.

We strive to make it as easy as possible to do business with us and provide information and education to allow you to make informed decisions concerning your financial well-being. We constantly update our web site to offer current market information.


Who Needs A Financial Advisor?


In a society that grows more complex every day, consumers are presented with the constant pressures of family, career, community responsibilities and personal enrichment. The financial marketplace is ever-changing with new laws, regulations, economic events, market changes, product offerings and conflicting media messages. Making the right financial moves at the right time is critical to achieving security and accomplishing personal objectives. Achieving financial success is a complex and confusing challenge to even the most experienced investors, requiring a significant amount of time, knowledge and resources.

As your personal financial advisor Richard A. Norkun & Associates, LLC will guide you through the financial planning process: goal identification, data organization, analysis, problem identification, recommendations, and most important– plan implementation and results monitoring. We will help you save, spend, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future.

The 5-Step asset management process is a proven blueprint that minimizes risk while maximizing potential return on your investments.

Step 1: Determine Your Risk Profile and Objective

Step 2: Set Your Asset Allocation Policy

Step 3: Diversify Across Asset Classes and Within Style

Step 4: Re-balance Your Portfolio

Step 5: Report The Results


If you would like to learn more about how Richard A.Norkun & Associates, LLC  can assist you in your financial planning:

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What is the RFC Designation?


The primary purpose of the IARFC is to provide the public with a convenient access to a pool of well-qualified practitioners from which to choose a personal financial advisor. It is the only professional organization that requires all of its members to meet and document seven stringent requirements of education, experience, examination, integrity, licensing, ethics and a significant amount of continuing professional education.

Each year the RFC must complete a minimum of 40 units (hours) of professional continuing education. This includes college courses, educational symposiums, credentialing courses, distance learning programs and practitioner conferences.

The IARFC removes the designation from anyone who fails to maintain proficiency through substantial continuing education, or who betrays the public's trust by failing to live up to its Code of Ethics or by having a professional license revoked or suspended for misconduct or any reason. All members are listed on our web site and public inquirers may obtain a list of designation holders, including complete contact information at: www.iarfc.org

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